What's Kazinduzi?

"Kandinduzi" means dictionary in Kirundi my mother language (Burundi). 

Kazinduzi is a web application framework for PHP projects.

It aims to speed up the creation and maintenance of web applications, and to replace the repetitive coding tasks by power, control and pleasure.

Kazinduzi framework is very easy to install on any configuration; you just need Unix or Windows with a running Apache web server and PHP 5 installed. It is compatible with presently MySQL or MySQLi (4.1+). In addition, it is fast and uses small memory, so the benefits of the framework don't come at the cost of an increase of hosting costs.

Using Kazinduzi is so natural and easy for people used to PHP and the design patterns of Internet applications that the learning curve is reduced to less than a day. The clean design and code readability will keep your delays short. Developers can apply agile development principles (such as DRY and  KISS).

kazinduzi is aimed at building reliable web applications of any kind quickly and simply. This means that you have full control over the configuration: from the directory structure to the foreign libraries, almost everything can be customized.

Last but not least, by choosing Kazinduzi framework you get the benefits of an open-source software. It is entirely free and published under the MIT license. You can use, modify, redistribute,....

For more information read the MIT license

Kazinduzi is developed and maintained by Emmanuelndayiragije.com.

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