Fast, Flexible and Compact PHP framework;

Kazinduzi is an open source PHP web application framework build on the MVC architectural pattern. Kazinduzi is OO developped with PHP 5. It aims to reduce development time. Web developpers who needs to quickly develop web application can use Kazinduzi to achieve their needs for web application.
From the released version 3.0.0 is included the ORM for the data abstraction layer. Caching feature is also integrated within the core of Kazinduzi framework. The supported caching engines are APC, MemCache. Also file caching is included as another alternative. Customizing session storage is made possible by using database storage, caching storage (APC, MemCache) or File system storage. Download the latest version
Download Kazinduzi
v3.0.2 released on January 13, 2015;

How to use Kazinduzi framework?

To use Kazinduzi framework is easy.
Note: Kazinduzi is ONLY targeted to running Apache web server with PHP 5.3.0 and MySQL4 minimal required.
If you don't have a running Apache webserver on your box. You can find xampp,...
Before you download Kazinduzi framework, check first if your webhosting or your local host provide Apache, PHP 5 and MySQL or MySQLi.

  1. Download Kazinduzi
  2. Extract the zipped file to your htdocs or public_html, according to your webhosting
  3. Create a Database in MySQL
  4. Modify the database.php with the database configuration data( root, username, passw,...), this file is located in the directory /application/configs/. In the same directory, you can change the main.php for the overal application settings, and session.php for enabling the session storage, weither default or database storage
  5. Then you can start building your app. with Kazinduzi, using controllers, models, helpers,....

Have fun with it.